A Metal Roof Adds Value To Your Home

A new metal roof will add value and curb appeal to yoru home.  The variety of color options will match the style of any home.

The Value of Metal Roofing

Efficiency, longevity, and virtually no maintenance are features which make a very attractive alternative to other types of roofing  A vast array of styles are now available giving you the look of shakes, slate, or tile.  These natural materials may have appealing aesthetics, but have many inherent drawbacks as well, such as a short life span and high maintenance as is the case with natural wood shakes, fragility with clay or cement tiles, or the formidable cost of slate.  With the new designer styles of metal you are able to have all the advantages of metal and with the style you want. 

Benefits of metal:

Energy efficiency.  With high efficiency paint coatings, a metal roof can save you up to 40% of energy costs due to it’s ENERGY STAR rating.  A metal roof can keep your house substantially cooler in the summer, especially in attics and upper floors prone to over heating in hot summer months.

Reduces insurance costs.  Unlike flammable materials such as asphalt composition or wood shake roofs, metal roofing is fire resistant.  it’s also much more wind and storm resistant.  These attributes are recognized by insurance companies and may save you up to 35% in insurance premiums.

Virtually maintenance free.  metal roofs require very little maintenance.  Most debris is unable to collect on the metal.  Occasional washing with water and a mild detergent is all that is necessary to keep your metal roof looking like new. 

Longevity.  How would you like a roof that is so durable that is may be the last one you ever need to install on your home?  A metal roof can last three times that of a composition roof.  Despite an initial expenditure higher that that of a basic composition roof, metal roofing is a much better value in the long run.

Environmentally responsible.  Steel is the number one recycled material in the world.  Old composition roofing virtually always ends up in our landfills as waste.  Conversely residential metal roofing is made for a minimum of 30% recycled material. 

All these features have persuaded us at Castro Roofing to recommend metal as the smartest option for your new roof.