Elastomeric Roof Contractor

With an elastomeric roof coating, you will be sure to extend the life of your roof and get better energy savings.

What are the Benefits of Elastomeric Roof Coating?

Not all roofs are equal.  If your home or business has a flat roof, concrete roof, asphalt roof, or metal roof, you’ll be dealing with some unique problems as a result of both their shape and the materials that are used.  An elastomeric roof coating can make these problems disappear.  They will extend the life of your roof, lower your energy bills, and protect your roof from the elements.  These types of roofs have incredible benefits, but you can’t enjoy them for long if they aren’t property coated.

Roof Protection

Adding an elastomeric coating to your roof is a vital part of extending the life of your flat or metal roof.  The materials used in these roofing projects can be susceptible to harsh elements, but with an elastomeric coating, you can give your roof an extra 25 years of life.  The coating remains flexible even in incredibly low temperatures, reducing the risk of cracking and blistering.  An elastomeric coating will create a solid, seamless seal that keeps your roof free of leaks and protects it from damage that wind, hail, and hot temperatures can have on your material of choice.  They are able to do all of this without adding a great deal of extra weight to your roof.

Energy Efficiency

The number one benefit of elastomeric roof coatings is energy efficiency.  Flat and metal roofs are made of material that absorbs the heat a little too well.  the temperatures can rise dramatically and this can cause of a lot of damage to your roof.  If your roof is extra hot, it will be tougher to keep the indoors at a comfortable temperature.  The white color and UV resistant material act like a mirror, bouncing the suns harmful rays away. This will cut the amount of money that you spend on cooling, and it will create a much longer lasting roof.  In turn, your same roof will protect your home or business for years to come, cutting down on the amount of money you would spend on a new roof, and eliminating any waste that might end up in landfills.